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Choosing education in Singapore, you can be sure about your decision! You will have a great opportunity to get a quality and globally recognized education that will help you in the future in finding a job, expand your horizons, open up opportunities for self-realization, will give a powerful impetus for further learning and improvement, will allow you to discover new talents and abilities to show all and, in general, will set the course for a successful life and movement forward!

According to the World Comparative Report 2010-2011, Singapore is the 1st place on the quality of the educational system. Cost of education in Singapore is much lower in comparison to other countries. In 2010, the UK Minister for Education, Michael Gove, has honored the quality, efficiency of the education system in Singapore and its achievements in the field of large praise.

Top universities in the U.S., UK, Australia, and France offer their programs at universities in Singapore. Upon completion students receive their diplomas from original universities.

Not only offices of Fortune 500 companies and multinational corporations are located in Singapore, but also the best universities in the world, offering programs in medicine, engineering, business and economics. Among them, Chicago Business School, INSEAD, MIT. Singapore's public universities are among the top of 60 universities in the world, according to the world ranking QS, 2011 (Quacquarelli Symonds - rating agency for higher education in the world and career prospects).

Nanyang Business School and NUS Business School at the University are included in the world's top 35 business schools rated Financial Times, 2011 (100 masthead MBA programs in the world) . NUS is one of the leading universities in specializations Engineering and Information Technology. Specializations and NUS university faculties took 9th place, beating many well-known universities in the world.

In addition, Singapore is ranked 1st out of 49 countries (the 4th and 8th grades) in such subjects as math and science. This study was conducted by the International Association for Evaluation of Academic Achievement, Boston, USA, 2002 and 2003., It confirms the high level of science education in schools in Singapore. Students in Singapore are among the best in the disciplines: Reading, Mathematics and Science, an assessment of international students piSa, 2009.

In addition to a strong education system, Singapore has a number of other benefits such as:

  •          Stable economy and political stability;
  •          Safety and favorable climatic environment;
  •          Developed infrastructure;
  •          Multiracial:
  •          High quality of life;
  •          Vibrant urban cultural life.



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