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We Invite you to come with us to Sri Lanka. A truly hidden Gem which is not well known hides so many treasures that it is bound to make you ask the question ‘But how come I never knew this before?”

Sri Lanka is a Tropical paradise unlike any other. Being an island nation, you will definitely find golden beaches all year round with warm water to swim and enjoy. But apart from this, Sri Lanka also has many other secrets.

The middle of the country is a mountain range and is where the best tea is the world is grown. Over 30% of the entire world’s tea is supplied from this island nation.

In this mountain range, which is covered by tea plantations and waterfalls and beautiful lakes, you will soon forget that you are in a tropical country as temperatures cool down and are in the range of 10 Degree Celsius – 20 Degrees Celsius.

Sri Lanka is also home to an abundant wildlife population both on the land and in the water. With over 20 wildlife reserves, you will be able to enjoy first hand sightings of Wild Elephants, Leopards, Deer, Various species of monkeys, bears, Blue Whales, Dolphins, hundreds of migratory birds and much more.

Dating back to 3,000 BC, Sri Lanka is also very rich in Tradition and culture. In the land of the ancient kings, you will be visiting many of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Our guides will be sharing with you all the drama of the land and the battles and the stories and you will see personally all the castles and battlefields. You will also open your eyes to architectural excellence that existed over 5,000 years ago. A 50 Foot elevator is one such awe inspiring item you will see, however we will not spoil the surprise any more here.

Come and travel with us and let us show you what it means to see Sri Lanka. With our in depth tour showing you the detailed sites you will visit, the hotels you will stay in, the activities you will do, we are sure to satisfy even the most difficult traveler amongst you.

Below is a list of packages and we would like you to view the summary of these tours in our Sri Lanka / Packages section. For more detailed information and material, please contact us and we will be happy to share more in depth material with you.



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