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Visa to Singapore


Categories of visas for short stay in Singapore:

              1.   Transit visa = free entry (validity: 4 days ( 96 hours))

Transit visa allows traveler to stay in Singapore for a period of not more than 96 hours (4 days). Traveler should have a flight ticket to a third country other than the country of destination (for example, traveler have arrived from Russia and then to fly to Indonesia / Malaysia / the Philippines, etc. via Singapore).

In this case, the customs counter You will need to show your passport, airline ticket with an indication of a third country and completed in an airplane or airport immigration card (white departure and arrival card).

Transit does not work and you need a visa, if:

You do not leave Singapore by air and land transport (by car, train, bus) or water (on a ferry boat, a cruise ship).

Singapore you return to the same country where the profit (for example, Russia, Singapore, Russia)


      2.  Multiple entry visa (e ) (validity period: 9 weeks (63 days ))

Multiple-entry visa is issued for a period of up to 9 weeks and starts from the date of its issuance. During this period, you can repeatedly enter and leave Singapore, however, the length of each stay in Singapore should not exceed 30 days.


List of required documents for a multiple entry visa (issued electronically):

  1. Scanned copy of one page of your passport* (page with photo). Validity of passport for visa in Singapore must be at least 6 months upon your arrival to Singapore
  2. Passport size color photo (3,5 x4, 5 ) on a white background
  3. Completed questionnaire in Russian.
  4. Turnaround multiple visa takes 2 to 4 working days.
  5. The cost of the visa is 80 USD with each applicant.



Singapore visa is not pasted in the passport, so the presentation of the passport for its registration is not required. The visa is issued and sent by e-mail as a PDF file, you only need to print it on a sheet of A4 and show to immigration officer together with your passport and immigration card at customs counter.

Even If a child inscribed in the passport of one of the parents, he is issued a separate visa because visas are issued for each individual person arriving in Singapore, not per passport. You must specify which of the parents passport the child is registered in and you should send a separate child's photo + page of your passport + scan which has a photo of the child.



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